Cairo Amman Bank (CAB)

Cairo Amman Bank (CAB)

SD-Branch architecture optimises IT operations and enhances experiences for customers and employees

Cairo Amman Bank (CAB) was founded in 1960. Its pioneering programmes as well as small, medium and micro projects that shore up the Jordanian economy.

Deliver consistent and secure, high-performance and uninterrupted connectivity across 91 branches with 190 ATMs. It upgraded from a 1,5 to 20 Mbps lease line to replace one of two MPLS links and adopted a centralised cloud-based platform to manage all branches, giving CAB unified control of its WAN, LAN and WLAN. CAB can also manage and monitor VPN and Firewall connectivity for each branch from a single pane of glass

• Significantly enhance the banks transaction speeds
• Notably increase the number of served customers
• Simplified power & connectivity for CCTV cameras
• Enable the use of new IP-Telephony service
• Turn daily branch employee complaints into proud satisfaction reports
• Optimise IT operations, security, performance management and deployment

Aruba 7210 Headend Gateways (main & backup DC); Aruba 7010 Branch Gateways; VPN Concentrator (VPNC); Aruba 2930F Edge Switches; Aruba Central; ClearPass Policy Manager

• Centralises IT and branch operations
• Simplifies roll-outs, troubleshooting and reporting
• Stabilises Citrix environment in the branches
• Speeds up maximum banking transaction times from 20 seconds to three
• Reduces MPLS contracts and costs by 50%
• Orchestrates management of VPN and Firewall instances from one place, reducing administration, troubleshooting and notifications