Meticulously designed technology ecosystems for thriving businesses


We provide always-on, secure connectivity with a flexible modern network that connects your business to what matters most and adjusts as times change.


As the technology becomes more advanced and complex, securing your systems and data becomes more of a matter of necessity.

Data and AI

Fast, accurate and insightful data is instrumental to drive success and growth.

Extended Reality

Combine the powers of both the ‘physical and the ‘virtual’ worlds and take your capabilities beyond the limitations found in each of the worlds.


Game changing partnerships

The connections we make are at the heart of Neogenesis. We partner with leading global tech providers to build reliable, resilient and future ready digital systems. We build long lasting relationships with our clients, anticipating needs and responding to business goals and objectives.

News & Updates

January 2, 2023

Cairo Amman Bank (CAB)

Cairo Amman Bank (CAB) was founded in 1960. Its pioneering programmes as well as small, medium and micro projects that shore up the Jordanian economy...

January 2, 2023

Jordan Kuwait Bank (UiPath)

Jordan Kuwait Bank is a well-established financial institution that recognized the need for modernization and efficiency improvements through Robotic Process Automation (RPA)...

January 2, 2023

Jordan Ahli Bank

Jordan Ahli Bank is a reputable financial institution with a strong commitment to innovation and customer service.They recognized the need to streamline their operations and enhance customer...


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