Kempinski Hotel, Dead Sea

Kempinski Hotel, Dead Sea

Network Revamp project


NeoGenesis Engineers executed a pivotal project at Kempinski Hotel, Dead Sea, focusing on state-of-the-art Aruba technology. This endeavor involved the deployment of two core switches ,over 50 edge switches , two controllers and more than 500 Aps ( indoor and outdoor) to ensure top-tier network performance and reliability.


For the core layer, NeoGenesis Engineers opted for Aruba 5124 switches, providing a robust and efficient network foundation. In the access layer, Aruba 2930F models were employed, delivering high-performance access switching capabilities.


Additionally, NeoGenesis took on the management of Kempinski Hotel’s entire wireless network, overseeing more than 500 Access Points (APs). This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless and dependable network for the hotel and its guests.


This project signifies NeoGenesis’ dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that enhance Kempinski Hotel’s network infrastructure. It sets the stage for a more efficient and high-performance network environment, meeting the standards of a world-class hotel.